Frequently Asked Questions

How did this service get started?

When we began publishing books, we discovered that the Amazon link in our books would only forward to the site. There needed to be a better solution to this problem. We built a script that detects the user's location and automatically redirected or forwarded them to the right Amazon site and then decided to share this technology with our fellow authors. This is how the site was born.

How can this service be free?

We can provide this service because we are an Amazon affiliate. This means that we earn a percentage of the purchase price from Amazon. This in no way affects your earned amount from Amazon. You will still earn your full amount that they always have given you.

What are QR codes?

QR stands for quick response code. It was created for a need to store larger amounts of information in a barcode style format. All smart phones and tablets can download an app to be able to 'scan' this code, by means of the camera, and in most cases, forward the device to a URL or link that is encoded in the code. We automatically create a QR code for you to use on advertisements or where ever you may see fit.

How accurate is your forwarding service?

The internet is constantly changing and we have to constantly update our server database with the latest information. This is done the first week of every month. We strive to be as accurate as possible with our forwarding service. However, no system can be 100% accurate. When cannot determine the location, it will relink by default to the .com address.

What is your server uptime?

Our current websever has 99.9% uptime. We cannot always guarantee 100% uptime as anything internet based is never 100%.

Where can I find my 10 digit ISBN or ASIN?

You can find this information on your book's Amazon page under "Product Details."

How can I add a link into my eBook?

This is dependent on how you created your eBook. In each example below replace "CODELINK" with your unique ISBN or ASIN.

If you created your eBook in Word:
Type in the address where you want to place it in the document. (Ex. To change how it is displayed in the document, instead of just seeing the URL, right click and select "Edit Hyperlink". Change "Text to display" to what ever you want. (Ex. "My Next Book") Now when someone clicks on "My Next Book" they will be taken to the proper Amazon site.

If you created your eBook using HTML:
Simply add:
<a href="">My Book Link</a>
to where you want your link.